Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Program Review Week--Primary Cranium

Hi Everyone! This coming Sunday is Program Review Sunday. Obviously we don't have much by way of Programs songs to review yet, so...I thought this would be a great Sunday to combine efforts with your presidency member.

If you go to page 3 in our "Outline for Sharing Time" it gives a lot of fun suggestions to review concepts for weeks 3 and 4. I read this and it totally reminded me of a game my family loves to play. Cranium. If you have never played this game, that's okay. I suggest looking up the game on the web and just reading about it to get the general idea. My version is simple.

So, here's how I modified it to fit for Primary and the suggested Sharing Time in our outline.


1. Talk to your sharing time presidency member and get them on board with you.

2. On Four pieces of paper, write four different categories. Mine will be ....
"Notable Notes" (guessing the song and then singing it),
"Back to the Drawing Board" (drawing a concept and others guess what it is...if it is a song sing it)
"Who Am I" ( giving clues to a person or concept in the Scriptures we recently studied...if it corresponds to a song sing it)
"Up, Down, All Around" (a few different things to get the kids up and moving to some music while reviewing a concept)

3. 4 Slips of paper for each category that give the suggested activity or song. Please feel free to come up with your own...here are just what I've decided to Use.

"Notable Notes"
1. My Heavenly Father Loves Me
2. I Feel My Savior's Love
3. I Know that My Savior Loves Me
4. I Am A Child of God

"Back to the Drawing Board" You could use Play dough for the older kids instead of having them draw.

(For Jr. Primary, have the child pick the category and you Draw the picture and have them guess it. For Sr. Have the child try their hand at drawing and help if they need you.)
1. Draw a Picture of one way Heavenly Father Loves You (have the child suggest this too you)
2. Draw a Picture of Your Family (Families can be together Forever)
3. Draw a Picture of the Temple (I love to see the Temple)
4. Draw a Picture of the Scriptures (Scripture Power)

"Who Am I"

1. John the Baptist. (Have written clues about him such as..."I was a prophet. I was the Cousin of Jesus Christ. I Baptised Jesus." Make them easier for Jr. and harder for Sr.) ....song could be BAPTISM

2. Joseph Smith

3. A Child in the America's who saw Jesus

4. A Primary Child, today, who loves Jesus Christ

"Up, Down, All Around"

1. Play hot potato with a bean bag. Have the children pass it around the room while singing a song. When the music stops, have the child holding the bean bag say the next word or line in the song.

2. Sing the Child's favorite wiggle song double time

3. Have the Children face the primary doors. Open them and have them sing a song. When someone passes the primary doors, have the children wave and smile to see if they can get someone to wave and smile back.

4. Have a child hide your bean bag, and have another child find the bean bag as the children sing softer and softer as they get closer to finding it.

Before Primary, Have the Categories up on the Chalk Board and a small bag of slips under each category that they can choose from.


Explain to the children that we get to play a fun game that will help us review all the wonderful things we've been learning so far this month. Explain the categories. Pick a child to come and choose a category. Have them choose a slip from that Category and then complete the challenge.

Make sure, if you are doing this activity to tag team with the presidency member. You can do the singing stuff and they can do the non singing stuff.

This activity should take all 40 min. Have fun with it, and make it your own.



Jokilyn said...

I LOVE this idea!! I also love the pizza idea! Could you perhaps send me the instructions to make those if you get the chance? That'd be awesome!! Thanks for all your inspiring ideas - you make things so much easier! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a TON of fun tomorrow!!! Keep the idea's coming!

Mary Beth said...

my kids really loved this today! thank you so much

Kristin said...

I have the whole time on the 5th Sunday so I'm using this one to review songs and see how many songs the kids already know for the program this year. Thanks for the great idea!

I was wondering if you have any fun ideas that go with the Olympics theme. Our ward conference is Feb 21 (during the Olympics) and I need a great singing time. You always have fun ones so I thought I'd put in a request.

Kristin said...

Just wanted to let you know I used the last idea you posted about the dry erase boards - only we used paper and tacked their drawings to display on the bulletin board. Love it. I also plan on using this Cranium idea next Sunday - It will be really fun. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Kristin in MI

Melanie said...

Dear Kristin-

I did do the Olympics when the summer olympics were going on two years ago. The post for that is under 2008--singing olympics on the side of the blog.

Have Fun!


Braydan and Jessica said...

Thank you for this idea! It will be really fun to try next Sunday. I live in Washington and just heard about your blog from a friend. Thank you again!

Tiffany said...

You have fabulous ideas. Thanks for your willingness to share with all of us! We are doing this idea tomorrow and you've made it so easy to follow.

Natalie said...

Did this today. I was the superhero of Primary. Thank you SO much.