Thursday, August 13, 2009

Program Review Activity #7-- Eternal Family Fun!

This is a spin on the traditional game of "Family Feud". You could use this for a normal 20 min time frame, or it can easily take the entire time if you wish.


2 flyswatters

8 questions written out that coincide with the program songs.

1 table set at the front of the primary room


Divide the room into two. Call one child from each team to the front. Give them each a flyswatter. Tell them that you are going to ask a question. If they know the answer they need to quickly slap their fly swatter on the desk. Then the child answers the question. If they are right, then they get a point. Then their team sings the song for an extra point....or they can choose to have the other team can sing it for no extra points. You could even make it teachers vs. kids if you want for added fun.

Make sure and make your questions very, very simple for Jr. Primary. You could even have the pianist play part of the song while you ask the question. Keep it very positive and don't worry about points so much as getting them to sing the songs.



Alissa said...

This is awesome! I just LOVE all your ideas! Thanks for sharing, it makes my job a lot easier!!!!!!

Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

just adding my THANKS for all your great ideas. I am SOOOO not creative when it comes to this stuff, so it is such a relief to be able to have a starting point and adapt it to my kids. you are GREAT!!!!

Jeff and Mandy said...

Hi Melanie, I have been following your blog since February, and you are my HERO! I would be pulling my hair out without you! Thank you so much for making my life easier!I do not have musical ability, but I do have a willing, fun, heart and love the children. Our program is in September and I need a fun idea to celebrate during singing time when it's over. Please help!

Melanie said...

Jeff and Mandy,

I'm assuming this is Mandy..but you never know... Thank you for your sweet comments. I really needed them today. I am so glad to be of a help to you. I have a few ideas formulating in my mind about how you can celebrate, but they haven't clicked competely just yet. Check back here in the next couple of weeks and I'll see if I can post something before you need it.


Scooterdoodah said...

Melanie (and Mandy) ~

Our program is September 27th, and since our sacrament meeting is first, I still have sing time. Since it's the week before General Conference, I thought I might teach the Apostle song and do a matching game with names and faces, so that they might recognize those whom we sustain as prophets and apostles. Maybe tell a little about each one of them, too... Something low-key and DIFFERENT! (I think the theme is on prophets strengthening our families...)


Mary Beth said...

i did this today and it went SO well. I was surprised to have the Stk. Primary Presidency visit (especially since it was my first sunday having the entire sharing time) but I had this game all planned out and it went awesome!

Mama said...

Carolyn--I like this idea. What is "the apostle song"? Anyone else know, in case Carolyn doesn't see this post? Melanie, yours is my favorite place to go for ideas. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing!!