Sunday, August 2, 2009

Program Review Activity #5--Tic-Tac-Sing!

I know, I're wondering if I ever sleep? Well, I should be...but this idea just jumped into my head and I thought I'd post it before it left ...what can I say, I'm crazy.

This is a 20 min singing activity that can be expanded if needs be.


Colored Chalk

3 willing Teachers/parents/bishopric members/young men or young women. Pretty much anyone willing to give up 40 minutes of their Sunday to help ya out.

9 question cards (1 for each of the program songs and then a random one) These cards will have a question relating to each individual song. Examples: In the song "I lived in Heaven"...What does it say you did in Heaven?" or In the Song, "How Firm a Foundation" how many times is this phrase said..'upheld by my righteous hand'. ETC. You can make the easier or harder than that depending on your primaries needs.

Before singing time begins, draw a tic-tac-toe board on the chalk board and tape the song cards to the spaces. Arrange three chairs at the front of the room.


Tell the children that today we will be playing a fun game called Tic-Tac-Sing! Introduce your helpers, and tell the children that you will be asking for the help of reverent children that are really listening and singing their best.

Explain that one child will come up. He/She will choose a card from the board. The child will then choose on the of the helpers to answer the question. The chorister reads the question to the helper, and the helper will either tell the truth or a false answer to the question. The child will then decide if they were telling the truth or being false. If the child gets it right, they get to put an x in that space. Sing the song. Then have another child come up and continue the process until a tic-tac-toe has been achieved.

Continue through the songs until you are finished or time has run out.

I expect this one will hold their attention nicely.

* based on the Hollywood squares concept from the primusic group
** adapted by the crazy chorister


The Pettit Family said...

Love it!

ecuakim said...

Did this last week and the kids LOVED it! Thanks so much!

Lynn said...

A question. Do you place just x's over each square until the whole board is filled. Or do you have x's and o'x play against each other, or are you the chorister the o and when they don't guess it you put an o. Just wondering if it is played like real tic tac toe or what.
thanks, Lynn in canton, GA