Saturday, August 1, 2009

Program Review Activity #2-- Back to School

I will be using this activity to review the last four songs of the program. Again, this activity can be expanded for a longer time frame. I will keep it to 20 min. This activity will be the Sunday before school begins.


1 Backpack

4 school folders with the titles Math, Reading, Science, and Geography. Inside the folders have a song title and the activity listed for the subject.

4 Bright colored paper apple cut outs with numbers on the 1-4 (tape them to the bottom of four random chairs in the primary room)


small bell (if you have it)

Poster Board with the song names on them and a Box next to the name of the song


1 3X5 index card laminated (If you don't have laminating sheets, just cover it in scotch tape)

1 Small glass of water


Tell the kids that it's an exciting time of the year because we get to start a whole new school year. Tell them we will be attending the Primary Musical School today. Write your name on the board, and put up the poster with the song titles on them. Tell them they will get a letter grade for each song after we have sung the song.

Tell the children to look under their chairs. If they got an apple, ask the child with #1 on the apple to come forward and ding the bell and give you (the teacher) the apple. Have them open your back pack and pull out a folder. Open the folder and read the song and the activity. Do the activity and then have the child with #2 come to the front.....etc. Continue until all songs are reviewed. Make sure and give them a letter grade reflecting how they sang. Be positive.


Math: "Seek the Lord Early" --Have the children count on their fingers how many times in the song they sing the phrase "Seek the Lord Early". You could even have them stand up and turn around every time they do sing that part of the song. Ask them to tell you the answer they came up with.

Reading: "Jesus once was a little child"-- Write the letter "C" on the board. Have the children clap every time they sing a word with the letter "C" in the song.

Geography: "Baptism"---As the children sing the song, start to spin the globe. Have the pianist stop the music suddenly. Have one of the children stop the globe with their finger. See if they are close to Israel or the river Jordan. If they are way off, pick up the song where you left and have them sing it the best they can for a good grade. If you actually do get close to it (within a few countries) , they get an automatic A+.

Science: "Families can be together Forever"--Tell the kids how grateful you are to know that you have been sealed to your family (if you haven't, just express your gratitude for the knowledge that you can be together forever.) Take the glass of water and put the index card over it. Turn the glass upside down. The card will stay. Point out that the air pressure has caused a sealing of the card to the glass so it defies gravity. Have the children sing the song, and tell them to watch and see if the card will stick to the glass through the song. If they sing well, and the card stays put (which it will)....give them an A+

Are we having fun yet?

*concept by the idea door
**adapted by the crazy chorister


mcstark1 said...

What great ideas! You are truly the "Crazy Chorister", but I think I'll call you the "Creative Chorister"... I plan on using this idea (although we have a couple of different songs). Thanks again! I'll be back...

Christy said...

Thanks for your creativity and for sharing. Love your stuff!

Jerilyn said...

We did this today. It was so much fun! Even the teachers were into it. We added PE as a subject and sang "My Eternal Family" while standing on one foot. HILARIOUS!! Thank you so much for the awesome ideas!!

ecuakim said...

I did this activity last Sunday and it was a HUGE success! Thanks for the great idea!

Stacey said...

We did this in our primary, but we added PE and sang a song as we followed the movements of one of the kids. We also changed the spelling one and clapped every time we said a word that started with "I" in I'm trying to be like Jesus.

Arianne said...

Fantastic ideas! If anyone needs another science idea (if you're filling more than 20 min) you can do the repel the pepper trick. Shake pepper into a container of water. Dip the tip of a toothpick into dish soap and then poke the pepper with it. It will chase it away. I applied the principle to how the Holy Ghost helps us choose the right and chase away bad choices.