Thursday, July 30, 2009

Program Review Activity #1--It's A Primary Party!

Okay, if you are looking for the introduction activity for this month, it's the next post just below this one...I just thought I'd get started on the task of posting all these fun review games for our program. My repeat week activity for this month will be posted sometime next week.

Use the program review activities in whatever order you would like. I will be using this activity to review four of the eight program songs and plan on only taking the 20 min time. It is an activity that can easily be used two weeks in a row to review several songs if you wish.

The primary was organized on the 25th of August 1878. This will make it 131 years "young". I thought it would be appropriate to hold a little birthday party for the primary in celebration in this special birthday month. Our review will include some simple birthday party games. This is an activity that is easy to do in 20 min or can be expanded to include the entire time (whatever you wish it to be). If you would like to read a brief history of the primary you can do so at,16230,4088-1-32-99-0,00.html


For games:

4 Colorful pieces of paper that have the individual songs listed on them

1 Bean Bag

1 Helium filled Balloon

For "Decorations/Atmosphere" (If you want to do this it is nice but not required)

A few Balloons

A few streamers but up on the board

Primary Party hat for you and your pianist


Explain to the children that it's the Primary's Birthday and we are going to celebrate with a musical party. If you would like, read the brief history of the organization of the primary to the children...(it's only a paragraph long and it's really fun information). Tell them you have four games to review our songs.

Musical Chairs:

Bring four chairs to the front that you have already stuck the papers with the program songs securely too. Call up 3 children. Have the pianist play music as they circle the chairs when the music stops, the children sit down on the nearest chair. Whatever chair does not have a child in it, that is the song that is sung. Use your balloon to direct the children to sing loud or soft. When the balloon is up have them sing louder, when the balloon goes down have them sing softer.

Sing and Freeze:

Take the three remaining song papers off the chairs and have one of the children choose one without looking. Explain that we will be singing this song while we move. Have the children follow your movements while singing the song (you could put your hands on your hips, flap your arms, jump, twist...etc)...have the pianist suddenly stop the music. When the music stops we have to freeze in place. Anyone that moves sits down...continue singing the song stopping once or twice more.


Take the two remaining songs. Have a child blindly choose one of them. Look at it, and choose a short phrase that is within that song. Whisper it into the child's ear. Have them pass it on through the primary (or a little group you've called up if your primary is huge). Have the last person say what they heard and see how close it is to the original. If it isn't too bad or silly...sing the song and substitute the phrase that was said.

Hot Potato:

With the remaining song, take your bean bag and toss it to a child. As you sing the song have them toss it around to different children. When the music stops, the child holding the bean bag gives the next word or phrase to the song.

Finish the "party" by having them sing "This month is such a special one" for the primary presidency.

Have fun with it.

* idea by the crazy chorister

PS It happens to be our prophet's birthday this month as well, so you could spin it in that direction too.


Angie said...

I love this birthday party idea! I'll definitely be doing this in August. Thanks!

galbraiths said...

can i come to your primary?? You are so fun!!!

Summer said...

I love you! You have made my life so much easier. :)

Terry said...

Thanks for the great idea! Our Primary is minus a music leader right now. The Primary Presidency has been taking turns leading music and teaching Sharing Time for the last few months. I have no musical skill! I need these great ideas so that the FUN can compensate for lack of talent! I have used your ideas before. Thank you for posting them! I used to just tell the Primary President that I can't teach music. Then one Sunday there was no one else to do it so I did it. Leading Primary Music has become my favorite thing to do at Church ever! It's fun! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!!!!

Jessie Brown said...

You are awesome. Love this idea.

Jer and Cam said...

Love this plan! Thank you!!