Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Repeat Week-"All flowers remind me of you"

We will be continuing to learn our May song Baptism this coming Sunday. Last Sunday went so well with our introduction activity. The spirit really helped the children in learning the song and feeling the beauty of its simple message.

Since this Sunday is Mother's Day, I decided to create a Repeat Activity that would let the children also celebrate the joy of the day.


A Large Vase (or in my case a pot with some foam in it covered by a bit of peat moss)

1 Flower for every woman that will be in the Primary Room (You can make them paper flowers, silk flowers, real flowers...in my case...I am making some sugar cookie flowers on sticks.

A small tag around each flower stem that indicates a different way to sing the song.

Picture Prompts


Bring your vase (pot) of flowers to the front of the room. Tell the children how well they did in Sacrament singing to their mothers and how pleased you are with their efforts. Tell them that today is repeat week, and to review our baptism song we will be picking flowers for the women in our primary to honor them on this day. In order to be able to pick a flower, classes will have to sit reverently and sing their very best. Have a child come to the front and pick a flower. Have the children sing the verse of the song in the way the paper states (fast, slow, staccato, acapella..etc). Tell the class that the child came from that this flower is for their teacher and to sing their very, very best for Her. If they do a great job, have the child give the flower to their teacher. If their teacher is a man, have the child give it to one of the presidency or the pianist. Continue to repeat the song as many times as possible as the children continue to give the flowers to the women in the primary.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I will be forever grateful to you for teaching me the primary Hymns and this beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you.

*the crazy chorister

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brenda said...

i love it!!! thanks again for helping me even survive this calling. :)

ps - i'm still serious about taking you to lunch next time you find yourself in UT