Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am excited to begin teaching March's song: My Eternal Family. I've been pondering how to teach this one for a long time.

Every 1st Sunday of the Month is "Discovery Sunday". We always get to discover what the new theme and song for the month is going to be. I try to come up with an activity that will stick in their minds so it will help them recall the words and meaning of the song as we progress through the month. So, here it is...

  • 5 card board boxes that have been wrapped or gift bags. I plan to make them bright and exciting to look at. It will be much easier if you have a removable top to the boxes so they don't have to unwrap it (they can be of varying sizes depending on the object that will go within them)

  • All the following items will be wrapped in an individual box: VERSE #1 A Hard Hat and tool box (these were all out of my kids toy box), a picture of a family, a serving tray with a paper heart taped to it, a paper growth chart (you can make your own by taping several pages together and marking height marks on the side), a picture of smiling lips with kind words surrounding it, a small hammer, and a child's toy, a picture of the council in Heaven, a small hand dumbbell, a picture of a family standing by the temple. You can make boxes for the second verse; however, I don't believe time will allow for it...at least in my situation. I plan to cover the second verse if I have time by just using the props we've already discovered and through the picture prompts I will bring that I will be using the rest of the month.

  • Picture Prompts from the Jolly Jenn web site....or you can make your own.


I will line up the boxes and tell them that I have brought the Primary some special gifts to open. Each Gift has a clue to a part of the song we will be learning this month in Primary, but before we open them we need to close our eyes and listen to the music of the song. After the song has been played once through slowly, I will then allow one child at a time to come and open a box. As we open and discover what is inside each box we'll discuss what the object could possibly represent. (you should really guide this discussion with the Jr. Primary so time isn't taken up on certain objects). As we decide what the objects represent, I will show my picture prompt for that line of the song and we'll say it and sing it two times.

After we have learned the entire first verse, I will tell the children that our families are a precious gift that Heavenly Father has given too us, and that we need to be good builders in our families to keep them strong and keep them full of love so we can be together forever.

*Originator: The Crazy Chorister

PS. I apologize to those I promised that I would post "pictures" that I made for this. Honestly, I really just drew a silly picture of lips with some nice words surrounding it. And, I used pictures of my family and other pictures I had around my home for the other pictures involved with this activity. It wasn't something that I thought was actually worth putting on this page. I'm sure you all could do much better. I did however find a terrific flip chart for this song on the Sugardoodle site. The link is in the comments section of this post.


Sharon said...

I LOVE THIS! I hadn't decided what I was going to do but now I know .. I just feel like the children get tired of the same old presentation for the new songs & I haven't been feeling very creative or inspired for new ideas lately. Thanks so much for helping me out of a rut!!

Jennifer said...

What a great way to introduce the song! Is there any chance you could post your pictures or email them? Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...


You bet. I'll post them later in the week when I have them done.

Mindee said...

I concur with Jennifer and Sharon...this is a GREAT idea!! I am brand new to the calling and am still trying to get into the groove. I'm just wondering what you do with the rest of your month. My first thought is to teach the 1st verse and chorus the 1st week, 2nd verse the 2nd week. Some fun game the 3rd and review program songs the 4th. But I'm curious what someone with some experience does with their week. Sorry, I know this is a long post, but any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Melanie said...


I think you have a great plan for your teaching method.
I have "Discovery Week"-introduction to the new song
"Repeat Week"-we sing the song over and over again with a fun game to cement the words and music
"Program Week"-We review the songs we've learned with a game.
"Test Week"-They pass off the song for the month through a series of challenges.

Mindee said...

I did see your post about "Repeat Week" after I asked what you do. I am excited to use the brick wall even though we are past How Firm a Foundation. Two more ?'s...Do you generally do the same game every month? I can see switching it of every few months, but it sounds like way too much work to make something new every month.

Also...with your schedule as it is when do you work in singing other songs?

Melanie said...


Yes, I do make up a different game every time. Just call me The Crazy Chorister! :)

I typically work in other songs on week three...when I review the program songs for varity, but generally speaking, the later half of the year is dedicated to learning songs other than program songs. From September to December there is a lot of time to learn different songs. I am not sure how other people do it, but I know for myself that 20min x 4 weeks is not a whole lot of time to cement the words for these kids. I really want them to know the songs for life, not just the program.

e m i l y said...

Such a great idea!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for this great idea. I've been searching my brain and the internet and now I've found some fun, interesting and relatively easy to prepare. You're a life saver!
Queensland, Australia

Lanay said...

Big shout out to my Amazing Sista! I love you and I'm glad I am cool by association! Great job in sharing these ideas to help other primary choristers. Love you!

Heidi said...

I just wanted to say how happy I am that I found your blog! You have SO many wonderful ideas! I am going to be using this idea for March! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

brenda said...

how willing would you be to meet someone one person and let them pick your brain with a million or so questions? no worries if not, i figured it couldn't hurt to ask. :)

Melanie said...


I'm happy to meet or talk to someone. What did you have in mind?

brenda said...

thanks for being so willing to talk with me. if you don't mind, e-mail me at brendabwalker@gmail.com, and we can set something up.

thanks again!!!!!!!!


Colleen Bigler said...

Do you have the pictures yet that you are gong to use? I was having a hard time finding one on the Council in Heaven and went to Google images and there it was! You have such wonderful ideas, I would just like to see what you are using. Thanks

JJJAM&S said...

What kind of challenges do you do for the 4th week? Julie

Melanie said...

Go to http://www.sugardoodle.net/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4041&Itemid=429

It has an incredible flip chart for this song.

I haven't had time this week to put my pics together. It's not going to happen until I can get my kiddos down tonight. I am so sorry. I hope these other pics help though.

Melanie said...

For the 4th week challenges I have used many things. Most of them are posted on this site in some form or another. Mainly, I try and test the kids on their ability to know the words perfect, know the melody, watching the chorister..etc. If you look through the site and still have questions let me know.

Michele said...

I just found your blog! Thank you so much for a great idea for this song! I really was scouring my brain because I didn't want it to be too much like How Firm A Foundation. I think I will do a little bit of a combo with the presents and the flip chart. I am going to go search around a bit more for other great ideas! Thanks again for sharing your ideas with everyone.