Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Solve the Music Mystery


* Trench coat and hat.
* Magnifying glass
* Papers with Musical notes tacked up around the room with clues on the other side

I dressed up like a detective and walked down the isle of the primary room looking at the children through my magnifying glass. I told them we had a mystery to solve. There was a new song in town and we needed to find out about it. I invited a few reverent children to help me find the clues that would solve the mystery. I gave my magnifying glass to the child helping me and let them look through it around the room to find a clue. (The junior primary ate this up and really got into the pretending aspect of it.) I had them bring the clue up to me and I read to them what was on the back. It said things like "have the pianist play the music", the first line of the song is..second..third..etc. After we had all the clues we put the words together and sang the song through several times. It really got them involved learning the new song and it was fun.

*Originator: The Idea Door
**Adapted by the Crazy Chorister

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